Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Xin chao!

Or good morning! It's Thursday, 7:18 am here and we just caught our second bus for our VBS trip. We will be In charge of the games and I think it will be a fun experience. Yesterday was a slow paced day. I had a two hour Vietnamese lesson and my mind was fried. So much to learn for such a few phrases. Mind blown! But it was very interesting. Rode on a motorbike for the first time, driven by Heather. That was fun. Still waiting for my crash to happen. Been wide awake since arrival here. Feeling somewhat tired now though. Might get a little nap on the bus. So far in my trip (the one day I've been here) I've enjoyed getting to know Heather's roommates and her visiting friend Stacy along with Co Mai, my Vietnamese teacher. I became a millionaire for only $300 as I exchanged my dollars for dong (yes, that is what their money is called). I enjoyed a Vietnamese lunch of rice, pork pieces and hard boiled egg soaked in beef broth, and fish oil poured over the top. It was quite delicious! Other than that not much has happened. I have VBS for the next two days and then the beach the next few days after that for fun! I'm writing this post with no idea when I will have WiFi next to actually post it.
With that, I say tam biet. Chua ban phuoc cho. Goodbye and God bless you.

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