Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away! (or less)

I start heading to the airport in Dallas at about 2 am to catch my 6:32 am flight! I arrived in Wichita Falls yesterday and enjoyed an evening with my parents. Can't wait to begin my month long journey in Vietnam! Hope I remembered to pack everything! Prayers for peace as I prepare to start the traveling process. I might have just a tiny bit of anxiety about the arrival part! Thanks!

Today, at my dad's church, I heard multiple affirmations for my summer in missions. We sang multiple songs out of the evangelism and missions section of the hymnal. My dad also preached on the Great Commission from Matthew 28 and the importance of making disciples and being active in pursuing and experiencing those God moments or "wow experiences." The only way to do that is on the job training. In other words we don't need to just sit on our butts and join another Bible study. We need to go out and be active with what we have learned into practice! As a side note, my mom mentioned to me this morning before church that she's waiting for the day I tell her she can have Lucy because I'm leaving the country for good. She said it so calmly, I was shocked. Anyway, I'm just chilling before leaving for the airport. Can't wait for the adventure to begin!

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