Saturday, June 8, 2013

Extra, extra, read all about it!

Ok. Long update time. I was too tired to do it last night. I fell right to sleep after an early 4:15am wake up and day full of travel by motorbike and four different bus rides! Woo. That makes for a long day on the tushy! Unfortunately the bus rides took to long and we missed the last boat ride out to Phu Quoc. The good thing is we got to meet and stay with one of Heather's good friends, An, and her family. We went out to dinner with An and I had some delicious sweet and sour shrimp with fried rice. Yummy, yummy! For those of you who worried about what I would eat while here due to my pickiness, trust me when I say I'm not starving! The food is good, very good. So far my favorites have been the sweet and sour shrimp, spring rolls, and fried shrimp! At first, when we arrived in the new town on Thursday I struggled to eat. They only had chopsticks and I have never been able to figure out how to eat with those! I used them creatively and managed to clean my bowl that day. The next day, I got significantly better!  I was able to eat a bowl of rice with them no problem! So yay for that! Thursday and Friday we did VBS and had about 5 or 6 children. The kids loved us and had a blast with crafts and games and just spending the day playing with us. When I say spent the day with us, I do mean day. They were with us from morning to evening! The picture I posted yesterday was of me and Vi. She especially loved clinging to me or Stacy. The boys and I often had tickle wars. Those were quite entertaining! We all ate lunch and dinner together like one big happy family! That was special to me. We were treated with respect and treated to special food made only for us most meals. Friday we played a few circle games which was fun. And then I became Banana. We played a name game and since mine and Stacy's names are difficult for them to say (they've learned Heather's already) we were given the names banana and apple. I failed miserably at that game because I kept forgetting my name was Banana! And Kiem continued calling me Banana even after that! While in this town I tried many different fruits, coffee, and even had an avocado smoothie which I liked! Last night I had a pineapple smoothie which was quite delicious! So many new experiences in just the few short days I've been here already. Since leaving Heather's home on Thursday morning I have only had bucket showers. We stayed in this really fancy PURPLE hotel. Ok, not so fancy, BUT we did have air conditioning which was nice. It looked pretty fancy from the outside though. While there I got to play with the most adorable little puppy and baby rabbits! We also went down to the river both nights and just sat and chatted and had coffee, smoothies, or fruit. Very nice there sitting under the stars and distant lightning show. I think that about covers most of my trip so far. Today is Sunday, 10:05am, and I'm currently on the boat to Phu Quoc! Yes, I said it. I'M ON A BOAT! hahaha. Fellow old school YAMs will get that reference. We will spend today and tomorrow on the beach and then fly back to Heather's house on Tuesday. I've had very limited to no access to WiFi the past three days and even now I type this to save and post later when I have WiFi next. Just know that I'm safe, happy, and loving life here learning new things and showing love to others whether they know it's the love of Christ or not. With that I'll leave you with a few pictures! The picture of the one building I didn't mention was actually just to capture the beautiful, vibrant green rice fields in the background. This was the view from the purple hotel.

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