Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Time for Africa

I left for Kenya at 11amish on 7/25 and arrived at the Chak hotel in Nairobi around 8pmish on 7/26. Here in Kenya all times have an "ish" after them on the schedule! Those who aren't very patient or have trouble conforming to the Kenyan timetable have really struggled. I have not. Those who know me know I am pretty laid back so that really hasn't been an issue for me. I go with the flow very well. And I really enjoyed visiting with others while waiting! I've struggled a bit with loneliness as I am traveling with an older team and have had a bit of a hard time bonding with them. It is better now that we've worked together for a week, but I still experience bouts of loneliness being cut off from my community and friends since I have no access to WiFi. Sue and Jim have been wonderful and have welcomed us into their home daily. They are Americans who live on the Maua Methodist Hospital grounds and welcome teams. Kenya itself is wonderful. Beautiful trees and landscaping and so much more! The Kenyans are extremely friendly and kind and love to welcome us with open arms! Much like Vietnam they do community very well and love the white people. Unlike Vietnam, Christianity is very well accepted and faith-based signs are everywhere; businesses, cars, churches, and hospitals. This has been a huge faith boost to be surrounded by so much joy and faith

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